About Us

Midas Organics is an Indian, ROCA certified Organic Food Company, set up to meet the growing demand for organically grown Pulses, Cereals, Herbs and Spices. We strongly believe that organic farming is a viable alternative for small and marginal farmers in India whilst helping sustain the environment. Our focus is on the prosperity of the farmers, the quality of the product and the well-being of the environment, which combined together, provides us a long-term vision of delivering the best organic produce to you with the least cost to the environment. We are based at Jaipur in Rajasthan state of India.

Our Team

Akshay Nandwana, Director, Business Development, director@midasorganics.com

A young, dynamic and vivacious entrepreneur who has been outstanding performer in chosen area of his entrepreneurship. He has established impeccable distribution network in Agri trade and has excellent contacts with grower, farmer and all others related with Agri business. His superb communication skills places him class apart as he has knack of understanding others so as to capitalize his strength for our pursuit.

Anand Agarwal, Business Head, support@midasorganics.com

As a Business Head of Midas Organic he has setup unbreakable network of distributor, producers, growers and farmers. His strength lies in right procurement at extremely reasonable prices. He understands the value and ethos of Midas Organics therefore he delivers the same magic to the customers.

Rahul Bohra, Managing Partner, rahul@midasorganics.com

A management graduate from Leeds university, UK, brings with him rare combination of intellect and real time business. His business acumen ship is par excellence. Over 15 years he has displayed remarkable milestones in distribution and logistics which provide added advantage to Midas Organics for its international business operation.

Yugal Sharma, Managing Partner, yugal@midasorganics.com

Founder of Agro business at Midas Organic, he has in depth senses and knowledge about agriculture right from sowing to cultivation. He understands the intricacy of Agri business therefore he enjoys invincible place in procurement of organic agro commodities across the locations.